When Panera Bread’s Panera bread gets the raw version

  • August 6, 2021

Panera has long been known for its signature raw breads, but it also makes some of the world’s best.

In fact, Panera is the first major fast food chain to offer a raw version of its bread.

The Panera Panera sandwich is made with a mix of breads and filling, and is now available at a handful of locations.

The sandwich has been available since late April, and some stores have opened it to customers since the first week.

Panera also makes its own bread, which is not as flavorful.

The bread is made by blending two batches of bread with milk and adding the leftover liquid.

According to a spokesperson, the bread is “super crunchy” and “smooth.”

It’s one of the few breads on the market that is made in the United States.

The full recipe is on Panera’s website.

In June, Paneras founder and CEO Tony Fadell said he was excited to introduce the Panera Sandwich.

“We wanted to do a whole fresh, homemade sandwich, so we took it from scratch and started to cook it,” he said at the time.

“We have been working on the Panerasto Bread for a few years now, and it has been one of our best sellers,” he added.

“It is a very good, full-flavored bread that has a great texture.

I love it.”

In October, Paneros founder and chief operating officer Andrew Stern announced that Panera had introduced the Panero Bread, which will be available at some locations, including the new Chicago outpost of Panera.

The Panero is a traditional bread made from whole wheat, with all the fat removed.

It is usually made with two loaves of bread, with a portion of each loaf added to the bottom.

In the original Paneros version, the buttery breads were added to make the sandwich.

The sandwiches are made by mixing breads with the leftover milk and filling and then using the remaining bread to make filling.

It has become a favorite among diners in the city.

In addition to the Paneros Panera, Paners Panera Hot Bread and Panero Panero Sandwich are also available, and both are sold in Paneroses own stores.

The new sandwiches are available at Panerans restaurants and at a limited number of Paneris stores nationwide.

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