The Soda Bread Story is the #1 book in Soda Bread history

  • August 11, 2021

We know that soda bread is a staple of many a Southern family, but did you know that the recipe for soda bread was invented in 1877 by an African-American?

The recipe is called “Our daily bread” by Dr. Charles H. Thomas, a physician and surgeon from St. Louis, Missouri, who was working in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the time.

Dr. Thomas was a pioneer in the field of nutrition and had helped found a health food store in St Louis.

Dr. Thomas wrote a cookbook called “The Dilemma of a Southern Farmer” in 1878, which served as the basis for the soda bread recipe.

In 1878 the sugar industry began making sugar syrup from corn syrup, a product that had a strong flavor, which the sugar company then used to make sodas.


“Thomas”s soda bread took advantage of the sweetness of the corn syrup to create a moist, chewy bread.

In 1880, the soda industry introduced the “soda loaf” as a healthier alternative to soda bread.

The soda loaf has become a staple bread in many Southern households, including the ones that Dr.

Thomas and his wife, Harriet, had.

The dough is often made into individual loaves and served with fresh fruit or jam, and the bread is also often dipped in jam or jam-dried tomatoes.

In 1896, Dr. William D. Miller, a pediatrician and professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, published “The Complete Medical History of the Soda Bread” in which he described the soda loaf as a “dried fruit loaf.”

Miller also noted that the bread has a sweet taste to it, and was used in baking soda to make sweetened beverages.

In 1899, Drs.

Miller and Lillian G. Krantz, a professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, published a book titled “The American Medical Dictionary of Food” in a book that contained information about soda breads.

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Dr Miller and Dr. Lillian Krantzo developed a new recipe for a soda bread called the “Soda Bread Revolution” and sold it commercially.

In 1938, the company was bought by PepsiCo, and Drs Miller and Krantza sold their patents on the soda cake recipe to PepsiCo in 1975.

The first soda bread recipes were published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 1977.


Thomas and Krants soda bread remains popular today and has been enjoyed in many parts of the country.

In 2017, Dr Thomas and his daughter, Rebecca, launched the Soda Bakeshop, a chain of bakeries that sells soda bread and other healthy snacks and treats.

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